We help the "small guys" succeed...

The mission of Endless Group is to provide, expand, and promote easily accessible web hosting and other online services to enhance the education, quality, and success of other nonprofit organizations, individuals, and small businesses.

How do we accomplish our mission?


Our technological resources are at the forefront of innovation and are specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofits.


We not only want to provide digital solutions to nonprofits; we want them to understand how they can optimize technology to their advantage. Whether it’s hosting educational programs or offering technological consulting services to nonprofits, we value education.


Not only do we work extensively with other nonprofits, we also connect nonprofits with other nonprofits. We envision a world where nonprofits can utilize each other’s technological resources and ideas more easily.


We believe that nonprofits should have easy access to the same cutting-edge technology that for-profit companies often have. In fact, we strive to bring nonprofits at the forefront of advances in technology.

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